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János Csányi, the owner of Furever became an entrepeneur in his early 20s. He had his own fur dressing workroom in Fót and then in Sződ, but he desired to go back to his hometown, Isaszeg, where later – next to the factory – a showroom was established.

János Csányi was a student at the Pannonia fur company, where he obtained a fur dressing degree. He also worked in several workshops to learn the secrets of the profession from the best masters. Nowadays, many people want to study at his factory, as it is no longer possible to study fur preparation anywhere else in the country.

“There were plenty of gophers in the 80s and 90s in Hungary: they multiplied and ate the crop. Extermination by poisoning would also have harmed protected animals so it was in their interest to capture them. 1-2 million specimens were captured in Hungary and their fur was sold in Germany, Italy and Austria as lining. That’s how I started, too. Then I evolved step by step and I realized that everyone is better off if I buy the raw material myself, prepare it, sew it and I sell it, too. Moreover, this way I could provide job opportunities to excellent professional furriers.” 

Thus, the finishing workshop became the largest fur company in Central Europe.

“The interdependent craft professions, preservation of traditional techniques and meeting the highest professional expectations allow that our partners and costumers will receive a complex service with the help of exceptional masters which is unique in the country and for what we are very proud of.”

According to János Csányi, fashion trends come and go but fur remains always a sense of elegance and luxury, so it never goes out of style. Especially, if careful hands take care of the consistency, as the customers of Furever by Csányi can experience.


the company, providing complex services

Following the centuries-old traditions of breeding Hungarian furs, Furever by Csányi has been working on the preparation and dyeing of prepared fur skins for nearly 30 years. Experts and furriers with over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing plant in Isaszeg continuosly monitor the latest fashion trends in the world. Thus the products are made up-to-date according to the latest styles, based on individual needs and sizes. So that in the meantime the hundreds of years of tradition also plays an important role in designing. From ready-made goods to customized fur coats, we make a wide range of clothing products, accessories, and in addition, many home furnishing items, such as: carpets, bedspreads and pillows. Our company has gained recognition in both the domestic and international fur markets.

Our preparatory has rightly earned the recognition of hunters. With short deadlines, we undertake to create preparations in high quality from the smallest bird to the largest African wild animals. The special feature of our preparations is that the end result is always extremely realistic and reflects the original living space.

Our center is located in Isaszeg, whereto our fur-making manufactory was transferred in 2007. The experts, furriers and technicians at Furever apply 10 years of experience doing their best to accomplish the finishing and processing any kind of fur and skin.

For each work phase, different specialists are responsible in our factory. We strive to satisfy the needs of our customers and partners with our constantly expanding services. Our company undertake the taxidermy of noble furs, wild animals’ skin, lambs, rabbits and other skins with outstanding expertise.

Furthermore, uniquely in Hungary, we own a special 1000m2 storage facility where with the help of our specialists you can choose from a huge set of different animal skins, furs, preparations, bones and feathers. Moreover, we have a machine park for rent, but it is also possible to have the desired product or material prepared in the preparation workshop and sewing shop located on-site.