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Fur dressing

The experts, furriers and technicians at Furever apply 10 years of experience doing their best to accomplish the finishing and processing any kind of fur and skin. Our main principle is to ensure high quality in the shortest possible time. We provide services such as dressing noble furs (dyeing, shearing), fur dyeing, trimming, making of suede and pannofixing.

Fur dressing

The history of fur dressing goes back to prehistoric times. The mostly hunting and gatherer cavemen used furs against the cold weather and as camouflage when they were hunting. It was also useful for lining the cave and building a tent. At first, they used the skin just after it was peeled off of the animals, but soon it was discovered that the skin would be destroyed within a short period of time. They later realized that if the skins were washed in water, scraped with stones, rubbed with a mixture of ground seeds, animal fat and flour, the material would be more durable.

As the centuries passed, more and more techniques came to life and skins became more and more durable for multiple uses as well. With the industrial revolution, publication of modern materials and machines, the process of leather finishing accelerated, thus achieving both quantitative and qualitative improvements in fur dressing.

Fur is a natural substance with unique attributes that no other organic material has (thermal and moisture control, acoustic influence, antistatic capability, indoor air cleaning capability, odour neutralisation, UV protection). We should recognise these benefits and takte advantage of their potential.

Using natural fabrics and a proper amount of chemical substances when fur dressing and dyeing, helps us not only to make the fur more resistant but also to preserve its quality for decades. Throughout the whole process, we recycle as much sources – like water and sawdust – as possible to help reduce pollution and minimise our environmental impact.

In our workshop, we undertake the finishing the skin of a lamb, jackal, goat, rabbit, calf, fox, beef, muflon, fallow deer, beech-martin, racoon, red deer, grey cattle, wild boar, fawn and badger, with a modern technology.

Fur dressing

Following the centuries-old traditions of breeding Hungarian furs, Furever by Csányi has been working on the preparation and dyeing of prepared fur skins for nearly 30 years. In our manufactory, we are able to work with any kind of fur.


Our color selection is constantly updated according to the latest fashion trends. Since we are able to produce any color, our team can create an exclusive collection in accordance with the ideas and needs of our customers.


Our services also include fur trimming, which shows a completely new aspect of the fur. The end result is an exclusive product in the fashion industry, a silky, velvety raw material that is perfect for clothes, lining, home decor elements or even shoe lining.

Exclusive techniques

State-of-the-art equipment combined with the experience and passion of the staff guarantees the flawless excellence of the finished product. Among our services, you can also find the finishing of unique leathers, cooperation with companies and taxidermists, and leather preparation.

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