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Our contribution to the film industry

Furever by Csányi – uniquely in Hungary – owns a special storage unit, from which it is possible to select and even prepare the necessary accessories, costumes or decorations for making movies.

We know that every idea in making a movie must come true with a short deadline. Therefore, whatever material, style or creative thought, we make the most unimaginable dreams come true, there is nothing impossible for us!

It is extremely important for us to preserve our traditions and prepare authentic costumes with sufficient fashion knowledge. In the movie-making process, the tradition of hundreds of years also plays an important role in our experienced professionals’ work.

Props and decorations

In our warehouse you can choose from a huge set of different animal skins, furs, preparations, bones and feathers and with the help of our specialists, you are able to select the materials on the spot or even remake them in the on-site preparatory workshop or in the sewing workshop.

Costume making

According to special needs, we also make suits, hats, gloves, raw materials, equipment accessories and tents.

Cleaning and repair

In addition to manufacturing, purchasing and renting, Furever is also available to our film-making partners through the complete cleaning of the accessories and costumes.

Painting and aging

With almost 50 years of experience, we undertake all processes in the treatment of fur. Our services include dyeing and aging of the fur, setting design, setting construction and even renting machines.

Additional services

  • Making leather imitations
  • Decorating authentical clothes and robes with real fur
  • Transportation of fur materials for costumes
  • Machine park for rent
  • Transportation of prey for supplies
  • Decor setting
  • Tentmaking
  • Costume design, sewing

Uniquely in Hungary, we own a special 1000m2 storage facility where with the help of our specialists you can choose from a huge set of different animal skins, furs, preparations, bones and feathers. Moreover, we have a machine park for rent, but it is also possible to have the desired product or material prepared in the preparation workshop and sewing shop located on-site.

For what we are proud of

Here’s to our reference work we are most proud of!

The client wanted us to make seal-leather costumes. Furever always takes care of the protection of animals so every step of the implementation has been on this basis. Taking into account cost-effectiveness, we made a perfect sealskin imitation using deer-suede in stock. The deer-suede was bleached, then printed with a sealskin pattern after shearing.

We supplied decorative leathers for the set and leather materials for the soldiers’ costumes. The 17th-century soldiers’ coats and gloves were made entirely of leather.

In this movie, many Furever materials were used, such as musk, hamster, racoon and nutria leather. From these materials, we made fur decorations, collars and costumes. In the production of raw materials, we always try to make products that are resistant to little mishaps that can happen during the shooting. Impeccable quality is one of the driving forces of Furever.

We also made boots, gloves and a tent out of seal leather.

The Battle at the Gates of Vienna

For the movie, we made the coats of the officers and civil servants, as well as the design of the clothes of the officers and other actors. In historical films, it is very important that every detail reflects the style of the age. We decorated timeless noble clothes and cloaks with real fur which beautifully reflected the peculiarities of the age.

For the costume design, we delivered fur materials (deer, mouflon, goat, wild boar). We provided prey animals, deer antlers, bones, bird feathers and horse skulls for the set decoration.

Before the full implementation, the two largest tents of the set were made, and we did the sewing work for the costumes. For the furnishing, we delivered fur materials, leathers, bones and preparations. Building a tent requires precise and thorough work that is not a challenge for the Furever team.

The North Water

Originally the costumes should have been made of whale gut, but instead of that, we used raw beef gut for designing the clothing. The boots, gloves and the tent were made of seal leather. Creativity plays an important role when we design and manufacture, so we often find alternative solutions that can be more cost-effective.

We made military leather tents for the set in different sizes, and leather columns, too. We also transported animal preparations, bones and fur blankets. We are also at your service in the design and construction of the set, thanks to our stock, we can help you with a lot of ideas.

Clothing made from leather and animal fur, such as leather loin-cloth for Hercules, fur skins and leather accessories, carpets, bedspreads, costumes, leather equipments for horses and gloves for the soldiers.

For the production, we made leather equipments for horses and leather gloves and archery for suits, too. We also delivered fur, leather and textile materials for the costumes.

Nox band

Our leading designer, Kriszta Fekete – using our raw materials – designed and made the performance dress of the Nox band for the Eurovision Song Contest.


Clothing and mask

Valhalla Rising



Contemporary materials