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Furever by Csányi considers sustainability and environmental protection to be fundamental values. During the manufacturing process, we do our best to produce only timeless, high quality products.

Natural fur

Natural fur is the purest and most sustainable fashion material, a renewable resource produced by farms.


The fur industry is responsible and strictly regulated, with a high level of animal welfare and sustainability as key considerations. The fur is environmentally friendly at all stages of its production and meets the highest environmental standards. In contrast, the production of synthetic fur is extremely harmful to the environment and only increases our ecological footprint.

Environmental Protection

Natural fur is a completely biodegradable material, so it is less of a burden on landfills and oceans than artificial fur. Properly cared for, it can be worn for generations, unlike chemical-based faux fur which often ends up thrown away after a season.

Animal welfare and sustainability

The fur sector is strictly regulated, and animal welfare and sustainability are vital to its operation. The use of wildlife fur helps maintain a healthy population and composition of wildlife, while farms that raise furry animals use food waste from agriculture. As a result, real fur is not only a more environmentally friendly solution, but also a more sustainable and responsible choice.


A product made of natural fur retains its quality for decades, unlike faux fur. Real fur garments are used for an extraordinarily long time, it is common practice to redesign and tailor it to its current owner, who can use it for many years and with proper care pass it onto the next generation.

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