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Furever Hunting Taxidermist

We undertake excellent quality mount preparation, from the smallest bird to the largest-bodied African wild animals. The special feature of our finished mounts is that the end result is always extremely lifelike and reflects the original living space.

With more than 30 years of experience, our company has gained both domestic and international recognition on the fur markets. Our taxidermy work has also deservedly won the recognition of hunters.

Prepared from our skins

With a short deadline

With a true-to-life setting

High quality

Our services

Taxidermy workshop

Skin mounting
Leather preparation
Shoulder mount
Full-body mount
Trophy bleaching
Trophy mounting plaques, installation

Tanner workshop

Customization, repair, adaptation
Hunting clothes sewing

Finishing and dyeing workshop

Fur finishing
Fur dyeing
Fur shearing
Suede finishing
Pannofix treatment

Our newest products